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André Ellis

I am a web developer with over 10 years experience in services ranging from UI/UX design, through markup, styling and theme implementation, to CMS platform and framework installation, configuration, up to custom development.

I currently reside in Cape Town, South Africa and I have a beard.

Employment history

Freelance web developer/designer

2015 - present day

Taking on small to medium business websites for full stack solutions, or join teams for large projects/applications. Available at hourly rate

Drupal consultant and IA at Creative Spark

2014 - 2015

Responsible for upgrading a large client site into modern approaches, from moving into a responsive front-end, up to refactoring the back-end into more secure and more optmised back-end. Also involved in scoping and planning new sections and features, as well as bug-fixes and consulting.

Senior developer at Telamenta (Pty) Ltd

2012 - 2014

Responsible for seeing new client projects through from start to finish, including graphic and CI design, to development and programming, as well as augmenting continuing projects with new features and maintenance.

Responsible for collating and maintining company coding standards, product-and reusable features and fine tuning company workflows and procedures.

Also responsible for mentoring junior staff and art direction. At times, also creating proposals and costing for sales.

Web developer/Information architect at Cerebra Communication (Pty) Ltd

2007 - 2012

Responsible for creating social media platforms capable of building communities around brands and/or campaigns, e.g multi-user blogs, social media releases, Facebook integration, etc. The Samsung Mobile community blog was awarded a silver bookmark in 2011 in the "Blog" category.

Required to do product innovation and creation for internal staff, to improve workflows and/or provide better services, e.g. a CMS allowing content managers to maintain dynamic content to be served to Facebook.

Any additional internal graphic design requirements, like stationary design, business cards design, brochures, posters, etc.

Graphic designer at Obsidian Systems (Pty) Ltd.

2000 - 2007

Responsible for marketing material and internal design requirements, like brochures, posters and promotional items. Internal CI and stationary and website.

Was involved in developing a custom CMS system (named i2i) with the development team, eventually abandoned for open source solution, Drupal.

In the later years, was solely responsible for configuring and theming customer Drupal sites.

André Ellis

  • Date of birth: 4 January, 1976
  • Email: portfolio@uberellis.com
  • Phone: +27 (83) 407 3090
  • Skype: uberellis
  • @uberEllis
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn


  • Programming/Scripting languages
  • PHP (Experienced)
  • JavaScript (Basic)
  • Programming frameworks/toolkits
  • Drupal (Expert)
  • Laravel (Basic)
  • Wordpress (Basic)
  • Interface frameworks/toolkits
  • Foundation (Experienced)
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass/Compass (Proficient)
  • Less (Basic)
  • jQuery (Basic)
  • HTML (Expert)
  • CSS (Expert)
  • Databases
  • MySQL (Basic)
  • UX/UI design tools
  • Adobe® PhotoShop (Expert)
  • Adobe® Illustrator (Expert)
  • OmniGraffle (Expert)
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • Misc
  • Git (Experienced)
  • Agile (Scrum)
  • LaTeX (Proficient)

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