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Event management feature

Various screenshots showcasing different aspects of the event management feature

The basics

It doesn't matter what kind of event you want to arrange, all of them have the same basic requirements, ie. Let your guests know where it's being held and what time to be there. Setting up the venue is as easy as filling in the physical address. The tool will attempt to find the location and provide a map with a marker. You can override the default location by providing a longitude and latitude pair or manually placing a marker on a map.

Provide a start and end date and time to complete the initial setup.

Beyond the informative

While showcasing your events is certainly a foot in the door, sometimes you will need to get some idea of interest before the actual event or perhaps you want to provide events in order to generate leads of interested parties. The event feature allows multiple methods of allowing users to opt-in for your event, catering to simple needs like an RSVP form, to completely customised registration forms that can be developed and plugged into any event, depending on your needs. All RSVP methods sends notification emails to your site administrator(s) and also keeps a log on your website for later reference.

For events like shows or showcases, you may want to allow for more than one session and users can pick which session they want to attend. Enable this functionality by simply adding as many sessions as required.

Keeping track of it all

Sometimes, your event can be more popular than a venue can allow. By providing a capacity value to your event configuration, you can optionally have the system track (and display) how many registrations are still available and disallow further registrations when a venue's capacity is reached. For multiple sessions, this capacity is measured per session.

If you book them..

Just to make sure everyone who showed an interest arrives at your event, the system will send all the registered guests a reminder email prior to the event's start while also providing a downloadable ics file to automatically update their calendars.

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