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Purple thermals

Due to an unsuitably angry childhood, I have an unhealthy amount of black and darkly coloured clothing. This remains true for most of the year, except during these colder months, where some undergarments provide the necessary protection from the cold.

It was another cold morning. The fateful morning of the laundry incident. I overslept (again - damn futon) and had limited time to complete my weekly laundry cycle.. to be in time for the ironing cycle of course.

Yes, it was this day I chose to test my faith in the possible urban legend "Seperate your whites from your coloured clothes before doing your laundry". This one, so obviously conceived during the old regime koff

It was a smallish load anyway.

Now I am the proud owner of one (I don't know how the others managed to not get affected) pair of purple thermals. Probably the only one in existence. So much for an inadvertent fashion statement. Take heed! Before it happens to your favourite sweater or similar.

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