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Vodacom Facebook tab to allow users to report SMS scam messages

End scams today. You can help prevent SMS scams. Submit messages and numbers here to help us block them

Allowing moderators an admin interface on a website to maintain the incoming scam messages. At the time of publication, Facebook was still running a legacy tab width of 520px.

Actual screenshot of the Foundation Base theme in action on uberellis.com

Vodacom had shown great successes with engaging with their customers via Facebook. As a value added service, Vodacom wanted to allow customers to report messages that was possibly intended to scam customers out of their hard-earned income.

Powerful CMS backend for maintaining user-generated content

For obvious reasons, I cannot go into the back-end processes too much. I can point out some of the feature highlights however.

  • Searching through previous submissions, to help prevent duplicate entries
  • Notifications to the content managers and Vodacom staff to review incoming posts
  • Single-click actions of submissions to allow rapid moderation
  • Administration access to CMS, so no need to access moderation platform via Facebook
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