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werewolves.io (nko 2013 entry)

4 characters, a villager, a werewolf, a fortune teller and a dead one huddle around the werewolves.io logo over a dark and broody background

The logo design

Werewolves takes place in a small village and I would guess long ago, as lynching is considered an acceptable method of finding truth. I expect that a lot of the implements found in the village would be handmade and rustic. This steered my decisions towards the dark blues colour contrasting with metallic, serifed typeface. The two main phases of the game could easily be identified by a sun and moon respectively and it's almost ludicrous to not place them in the "O" character of "wolves".

  • Outline of Werewolves logo for day
  • Outline of Werewolves logo for night

Dealing with many players

Basic face shape allowing custom features

A game of werewolves requires at least 7 players to play. More players makes it even more fun as the amount of wolves increase. I wanted the characters to have a simple base and then have various accessories, eyes, hairstyles and mouths that can be interchanged to create many combinations of possible looks. We all knew this kind of complexity would not be possible for the MVP, but still want to be able to implement such functionality at a later stage and perhaps also further enhance the game with some of the other character roles.

Additionally, we wanted to make sure that most players would be able to see all the other players on an average sized screen for an average sized game. Aiming for games of up to 16 players, it means we have to fit 15 player cards into the arena (3 rows of 5) with the players own character card visible in a status area.

The possible states and sprites we require

  • Basic face shape with question-mark on

    No role

    Waiting for the game to start, no roles assigned yet

  • Basic face shape with two dots for eyes and a line for a mouth


    Or a concealed Seer or Werewolf

  • Basic face shape with crosses for eyes and drawn in tongue

    Dead villager

    Either eaten or lynched

  • Basic face shape with an added 'Magic 8 Ball'


    Shown only to self, appears like a Villager to other players

  • Basic face shape with Magic 8 Ball and crosses for eyes

    Dead seer

    Either eaten or lynched. Revealed to other players when dead

  • Wolf shaped head


    Only revealed to self and other werewolves (or Seer if true nature has been detected)

  • Wolf shaped head with crosses for eyes

    Dead werewolf

    Revealed to all players on death

Players can further distinguish themselves with their assigned colours (and numbers for larger groups)

Bringing the entire concept together

A mockup of all the elements of a game shown at once

A mention from the guys at Tropo

WEREWOLVES.IO – The multiplayer WebRTC game built on Tropo and Phono


Thank you for playing!

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