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Foundation base theme for Drupal 7.x

Closeup of Foundation theme in action

As more and more clients get access to mobile devices, the more they are (finally) asking for mobile-first (or at the very least, site's that work on their tablets) front-end design.

Actual screenshot of the Foundation Base theme in action on uberellis.com

I have been researching responsive css frameworks and chose Foundation for it's beautiful default typography. The quickest way to learn for me has always been the deep-end, so without further ado, I present a base-theme (starting point) for Drupal 7.x.

The kitchen sink and everything else

Foundation takes care of most of the elements you will need for modern websites. Instead of needing to override the elements to fit your CID, Foundation allows you to recompile your rules into it's base using SASS.

Why yet another Foundation base theme?

Yes, there are existing contributed themes built on Foundation out there and no, I don't believe my wheel works better anyway. I am a bit of a block-region nazi when it comes to naming them, placing them and displaying them (and I secretly learn the ins and outs much quicker this way). Over the years I've standardised a useful set of regions and because I've been using grid-based systems for as long as I can remember, the logic to adapt the regions as they are necessary.

Demonstrating the theme's extensive useful block regions

A preview of the useful block regions available with additional customisations in layout for the front-page

Feature highlights

  • Compile Foundation using SASS
  • Ample useful regions that adjust as they are being used (or not)
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