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ALA: CSS Shapes 101

This is what the HTML/CSS specification is missing to complete the design expectations of clients (to completely mimic what we can do in print)

Rectangles inside other rectangles: this is what our webpages have always been made of. We’ve long tried to break free from their restrictions by using CSS to create geometric shapes, but those shapes have never affected the content inside the shaped element, or how the element is seen by other elements on the page.

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GuideGuide for PhotoShop makes (responsive) grid-based design easy

When creating mockups/designs for mobile-first (or otherwise responsive) websites, accurately drawing in guides can be a pain. This PhotoShop Extension can work out your columns and gutters for you. A must-have for all web-designers out there in my opinion.

Dealing with grids in Photoshop is a pain. With GuideGuide, it doesn’t have to be. Pixel accurate columns, rows, midpoints, and baselines can be created based on your document or selection with the click of a button. Frequently used guide sets can be saved for repeat use. Grids can use multiple types of measurements. Honestly, if you haven’t started downloading it by now, you’re probably a masochist. Weirdo…

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Foundation base theme for Drupal 7.x

Theme screenshot as used in the actual base theme file

As more and more clients get access to mobile devices, the more they are (finally) asking for mobile-first (or at the very least, site's that work on their tablets) front-end design. I have been researching responsive css frameworks and chose Foundation. The quickest way to learn for me has always been the deep-end, so without further ado, I present a base-theme (starting point) for Drupal 7.x.

Purple thermals

Due to an unsuitably angry childhood, I have an unhealthy amount of black and darkly coloured clothing. This remains true for most of the year, except during these colder months, where some undergarments provide the necessary protection from the cold.